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In 1993, after decades of legal battles,
Night of Fright was given permission by
Evelyn Baileys decendents to open the house
to the public. Evelyn Bailey became notorious
in 1948 when she was found hanging from a
rope in her bedroom. Three years prior to her
suicide, Evelyns husband Jeremiah and son Martin
had disappeared. Authorities suspected that she
was involved, however they had no proof.
Upon entering the house to search for Evelyns
wherabouts the authorities discovered, not only
Evelyns decaying corpse but, scenes of horror
more disturbing than their worst suspicions.
The house was sealed and lay abandoned
for 10 years. In 1958 decendents, attempting
to repair the houses foundation, discovered the
remains of Jeremiah and Martin Bailey,
confirming the communities long held suspicions.

After 6 years of operating one of Cincinnati's
top rated Haunted Houses,
Night of Fright has
completed its research and has returned
Evelyn Baileys house to its ghastly condition
circa 1948.

Come to the Night of Fright and experience
the trembling fear as you find your way through
Evelyn Bailey's house of horrors. At the end
of your tour, you will enter Cincinnati's
highest rated haunted house filled with
High Tech horror and heart pounding
soundtracks. Come this summer to experience
both shows for the price of one.